Saturday, July 18, 2015

Life begins everyday. Now whatever that means... That clearly shows that one is living in the now. just the other day, I was discussing with my friend that it is possible to do this. My friend who is also my senior at work was not convinced about this. He mentioned that it is physically not possible to empty one's mind and the monkey will not dwell much on this or that any time; but what I meant was emptying the mind not dwelling on any thought! Vipassana is something that is really difficult for one to follow in regular life. Mumbai being even more difficult to achieve what one wants.
Peace. Happiness is what everyone is looking for. May be through Vipassana or any other means. Is happiness and peace really so difficult to find? I wonder. Maybe it is the art of finding happiness in mundane objects a skill to cultivate. A skill to empty the mind and enjoy whatever one has, to get the best of life...The best of happiness. Wishing you all a happy life!

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